Selected Cryonics / Life Extension Writings

Thomas Donaldson – Why Cryonics Will Probably Help You More Than Anti-Aging (2004)

Mike Perry – Historical Steps Toward the Scientific Conquest of Death (2003)
Mike Perry – A Freezing Before Bedford’s (2004)
Mike Perry – Deconstructing Deathism: Answering a Recent Critique and Other Objections to Immortality (2004)

Mike Darwin on Anoxic Cardiopulmonary Support (2008)

Mike Darwin – How Dead is Dead Enough? (2008)
Mike Darwin – Structure-Function Analysis of Neuroprotectants (2008) PDF
Mike Darwin, Chana de Wolf, and Aschwin de Wolf – Is That What Love is? The Hostile Wife Phenomenon in Cryonics (2008) PDF
Mike Darwin – D(+)-Lactose and Other Sugars in Organ Preservation and Cryonics (2008) PDF

Mike Darwin – Grasping the Nettle – Time for the Rebirth of Cryonics in Britain (2008) PDF
Mike Darwin – Prospects for Mild Therapeutic Hypothermia and Improved CPR in Cardiopulmonary Cerebral Resuscitation (2009) PDF
Mike Darwin – A Cold Nose and a Cold Brain?  The RhinoChill: A New Way to Cool the Brain Quickly (2011) PDF

Gregory Jordan – Fearless in the Face of Death: Buddhist Detachment, Epicurean Equanimity, and Contemporary Immortalism (2008)

William Faloon – Death is Gruesome…Cryonics Only Makes it Less So! (2009)

Can You Build a Locomotive out of Helium? Robert Ettinger on Substrate-Independent Minds (2011)

Keegan Macintosh – Bitcoin and Cryonics (2013)

Historical Documents

Aleš Hrdlička – Brains and Brain Preservatives (1906) (PDF)

Ev Cooper – Immortality: Physically, Scientifically, Now (HTML)
Ev Cooper – Immortality: Physically, Scientifically, Now (PDF)

B. Luyet – The Problem of Structural Instability and Molecular Mobility in Aqueous Solutions “Solidified” at Low Temperatures (1966) PDF

Gerald Feinberg – Physics and Life Prolongation (1966)

Armand Karow – The Suda Experiment (Cryonics Reports, 1967)
Armand Karow – Goal: Human Cryo-Anabiosis (Cryonics Reports, 1967)

Conquering Aging (Cryonics Reports, 1968)

Interview with Robert W. Prehoda (Cryonics Reports, 1969)

The complete back issues of the Life Extension Society Newsletter and Freeze-Wait-Reanimate are available in PDF (400 MB)

Manrise Technical Review, Volume 1, No. 1, 1971
Manrise Technical Review, Volume 2, No. 1, 1972
Manrise Technical Review, Volume 2, No. 2-3, 1972
Manrise Technical Review, Volume 2, No. 4, 1972
Manrise Technical Review, Volume 2, No. 5, 1972
Manrise Technical Review, Volume 2, No. 6, 1972

Jerry Leaf – A Pilot Study in Hypothermia (1977) PDF

Mike Darwin – Refractometric Determination of Cryoprotective Agent Concentration (1978) PDF

Arthur C. Clark Letter on Cryonics (1989) PDF

Selected Cryonics Writings by Aschwin de Wolf

Interview with Aschwin de Wolf (by Sven Bulterijs), LongeCity, February, 2017
Interview with Aschwin de Wolf (by Stephen Cave), September, 2013

Aschwin de Wolf – Beyond Skull and Skin: Concepts of Identity and the Growth of Cryonics (June, 2015)
Aschwin de Wolf – Identification, Validation, and Implementation of New Cryonics Technologies (October , 2014)
Aschwin de Wolf- A Skeptic’s Guide to Cryonics (September 2013)
Aschwin de Wolf – Cryonics Without Repair: Why Reversible Cryopreservation Matters (2013)
Aschwin de Wolf – Chemical Brain Preservation and Human Suspended Animation (2013)
Aschwin de Wolf – Preserving and Inferring (September-October 2012)
Aschwin de Wolf – Connectome: How the Brain’s Wiring Makes Us Who We Are (Book Review, 2012)
Aschwin de Wolf – Thinking about Brain Threatening Disorders and Cryonics (2012)
Aschwin de Wolf – Annotated bibliography of cryoprotectant toxicity (2012)

Aschwin de Wolf – Neural Cryobiology and the Legal Recognition of Cryonics (2011)
Aschwin de Wolf – The Future of Aging: Pathways to Human Life Extension (Book Review, 2011)

Aschwin de Wolf – Case Reports in Cryonics (2010)

Aschwin de Wolf – Medico-Legal Aspects of Human Cryopreservation Optimization (2010)
Aschwin de Wolf – Scientific Optimism and Progress in Cryonics (2009)

Aschwin de Wolf – Critical Cooling Rate to Prevent Ischemic Brain Injury (2008)
Aschwin de Wolf – Vitrification Agents in Cryonics: M22 (2008)
Aschwin de Wolf – Future Directions in Human Cryopreservation Combinational Pharmacotherapy (2007)
Aschwin de Wolf – Cryonics: Using Low Temperatures to Care for the Critically Ill (2007)
Aschwin de Wolf – Securing Viability of the Brain in Cryonics (2007)
Aschwin de Wolf – Rapid Stabilization in Human Cryopreservation (2006)
Aschwin de Wolf – Human Cryopreservation Stabilization Medications (2006)

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