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Alcor 50th Anniversary Birthday Party

Join us in New York City to celebrate 50 years of Alcor preserving minds and saving lives.

The Alcor Life Extension Foundation, the premier cryonics provider in the world, was incorporated in California in 1972 by Fred and Linda Chamberlain. There are currently 184 cryopreserved patients and 1379 members.

Celebrate with us on February 23, 2022, from 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM at The Sanctuary at Roosevelt Island . Cocktail hour is from 6:00 – 7:00 PM and food afterwards. Register for the party for free. Light fare will be provided. Drinks are available at the cash bar.

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Speakers will include:

Patrick Harris – Welcome and Announcements

Alcor President and CEO Patrick Harris kicks off the meeting with some exciting new announcements for the next 50 years!

Aschwin de Wolf – Cryonics: An Introduction for Skeptics

Since extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, skepticism and cryonics advocacy would appear to be incompatible. This presentation will turn this argument on its head by presenting the case that our current thinking about what constitutes “death” is increasingly at odds with what we know about the neuro-anatomical basis of identity and memory. Placing terminally ill patients in long-term cryostasis with the prospect of future revival is not a low-probability gamble but the prudent thing to do.

Max More – Responding to Anti-Longevity Objections

Have you been frustrated in discussing cryonics or life extension? Perhaps you were trying to explain your cryonics arrangements. Inevitably that will lead to the question: “But why would you want to live longer?” You gave perfectly sensible and persuasive reasons. You were baffled at the response. For every reason you cite your conversation partner had an immediate and apparently reflexive counterargument. If you’ve had this kind of conversation more than a couple of times, you may have noticed a pattern in the resistance.

Reason (CEO of “Repair Biotechnologies”) – The State of Rejuvenation: Are We All Still Getting Cryopreserved?

Predictions are hard, especially when concerning the future. But people keep asking for them. Particularly this one: are any of us going to beat the curve to achieve actuarial escape velocity, jumping just in time from primitive rejuvenation therapies to incrementally better rejuvenation therapies, thereby living long enough to reach the era of ageless individuals, maintained by advanced medical technology and periodic repair of the causes of aging? It is good to have goals. Are they realistic goals?

Natasha Vita-More – C. elegans Cryopreservation: Conclusory Findings & Unexpected Outcomes

Published research demonstrated the primary goal in testing persistence of long-term memory of C. elegans during the cryopreservation process. Relatedly, an unexpected secondary outcome was observed. This presentation covers a fertile, egg-carrying nematode whose embryos remained intact throughout this cryopreservation process and its revival, egg-laying, hatching, and the emergence of observably healthy young C. elegans.

Emil Kendziorra – A New Approach to Communication and Marketing Medical Biostasis

Medical biostasis is far from a new topic. Celebrating this very event is a testament to this. While member growth has been relatively stable over the last years, the topic is still very much a niche. New approaches to communication and marketing are required to ensure increased funding for research, improve long-term stability, and even further and foster acceptance. We’ll present what we learned from two large-scale sentiment studies and our hands-on experience.