The hostile wife phenomenon in cryonics

On August 23, Chana and Aschwin de Wolf drafted a blog entry on the phenomenon of partners who are hostile to cryonics. We sent our draft for review to a number of high profile cryonicists and received a message from Mike Darwin telling us that he still had an unpublished article on this topic. Because Darwin’s experience and observations resembled our own, and we believed there was a lot of value to his analysis, we decided to integrate our observations and his article to produce an even more comprehensive piece on the topic. The resulting draft  was distributed again to other cryonics activists and produced some additional text that was added as an appendix to the original article.

Although we do not have any illusions that the problem of hostile partners, and hostile female partners in particular, will be disappearing anytime soon, we believe it is important that this matter of life and death is documented. We also hope that this article will be of help to cryonicists, or people who want to make cryonics arrangements, who have hostile family members.

Michael Darwin, Chana de Wolf, Aschwin de Wolf – Is That What Love is? The Hostile Wife Phenomenon in Cryonics.

The article is also available as a PDF file with images and appendixes