Nightmare of a Cryonicist

A fictional piece by Ben Best

I have tried to live a healthy and safe life in hope that rejuvenation would become available soon. But I made cryonics arrangements in case it did not.

I feared dying in my sleep or in an automobile accident. But I have gotten an aggressive form of cancer that has spread throughout my body, including to my brain, and it cannot be stopped.  My lungs are also cancerous, which means that I am now on a ventilator to keep me breathing and alive.

I have made the decision to terminate my current life before the cancer destroys too much of my brain. I will give a hand signal to have the ventilator removed.

I am in a hospice where a standby team has been assembled. The stabilization equipment is in place, and the team is ready to quickly respond as soon as I give the hand signal. A physician will be on hand to rapidly pronounce death. My power of attorney for health care is here in case I lack the power to give the hand signal.

My friends and relatives are here too. They come and say goodbye with hugs and kisses. Letting go of life is not easy. Some of my friends and family are begging me to cling to life for as long as I can. But if I do so, I will slowly disappear as the cancer destroys my brain. Possibly a miracle cure will be discovered within a few months, but that is very unlikely.

If I give the hand signal to remove the ventilator, will it be like holding a gun to my head and pulling the trigger?

How much time would it be before revival? 25 years? 50 years? 100 years? Longer? Never?

What could happen in that time?

Destruction of my liquid nitrogen container by a terrorist?

A nuclear war?

An asteroid hitting the planet?

A worldwide pandemic that destroys cryonics?

Mismanagement, lawsuits, or bitter infighting that destroys cryonics organizations?

Government action due to political pressure that destroys cryonics organizations?

Failure of cryonics technology to revive?

Several more months of life might be the last opportunity to enjoy friends, family, and all the things I love about life. I hate being in this position. My life does not go before my eyes, there is only fear and doubt. I do not want to die. I do not want my life to end.

I give the hand signal.  Consciousness stops.