Cryostasis Revival Book

Cryostasis Revival: The Recovery of Cryonics Patients  through Nanomedicine 

By Robert A. Freitas Jr.
Foreword: Gregory M. Fahy, Ph.D.

Pages: 703 pages
Publication date: February, 2022
Publisher: Alcor Life Extension Foundation

Cryostasis is an emergency medical procedure in which a human patient is placed in biological stasis at cryogenic temperatures.  A cryopreserved patient can be maintained in this condition indefinitely without suffering additional degradation, but cannot yet be revived using currently available technology.  This book presents the first comprehensive conceptual protocol for revival from human cryopreservation, using medical nanorobots.  The revival methods presented in this book involve three stages:  (1) collecting information from preserved structure, (2) computing how to fix damaged structure, and (3) implementing the repair procedure using nanorobots manufactured in a nanofactory – a system for atomically precise manufacturing that is now visible on the technological horizon.

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“Robert Freitas is an extraordinary thinker and author whose previous works have been transformational for our ability to visualize the extraordinary capabilities of future medical technology.  In Cryostasis Revival, he now puts his prodigious previous knowledge of nanomedicine to the task of envisioning methods for healing those whose injuries challenge even the ultimate limits of future medicine.  His illuminating results and new insights will greatly inform debate over, and may even help to resolve, controversies that have persisted for decades.”

Gregory M. Fahy, Ph.D., Fellow, Society for Cryobiology & Executive Director, 21st Century Medicine, Inc.

“Future repair and revival of damaged cryopreserved tissue has been the subject of speculation for decades. This book by a nanomedicine expert examines the problem in detail far beyond anything ever written before. With more than 3000 references, it’s both wide-ranging and intensely specific about diverse technical aspects of the problem. It will surely stimulate much discussion, and be an invaluable resource for thinkers about nanomedical cell repair for years to come. “

Brian Wowk, Ph.D., complex systems cryobiologist, Chief Technology Officer, 21st Century Medicine, Inc.

“We now have considerable evidence that cryopreserved patients retain the physical structures encoding memory and personality. For most people, the difficulty lies in understanding how it could ever be possible to repair and revive patients. Leading nanomedicine expert Robert Freitas fills in that gap with admirable and remarkable depth. Cryostasis Revival provides an unparalleled clarification of pathways for researchers to explore in the quest to make human cryopreservation reversible.”

Max More, Ph.D., Ambassador, Alcor Life Extension Foundation

“Cryostasis Revival is the most magnificent tour de force on cryonics ever done with the signature flair, comprehensive coverage and authoritative style of Robert A. Freitas Jr. It describes all the issues involved in reviving cryopreserved patients: from the philosophical (what is “information theoretic death”) to the practical (what damage actually takes place during a cryopreservation) to the technological (how to apply nanotechnology to restore a cryopreserved patient) and more. Nothing else even approaches such a complete and incisive treatment of this life-saving subject. Cryostasis Revival is the book to give anyone who’s thinking about cryonics but “isn’t sure about the science.”

Ralph C. Merkle, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Molecular Manufacturing