Alcor founder Fred Chamberlain cryopreserved

One of Alcor’s founders, Fred Chamberlain III, has been cryopreserved at Alcor. His wife, and co-founder of Alcor, Linda Chamberlain, has released a document to announce his cryopreservation and honor him:

“One of our great intellectual and emotional bonds was our interest in technological means of extending life. Fred and I incorporated the Alcor Life Extension Foundation in 1972; the minutes of those early Alcor meetings can be viewed by those who might be interested. Many details from those early years are available on Wikipedia.”

Fred and Linda were also supporters and occasional contributors to the Depressed Metabolism blog, and contributed one of the first articles about how modern cell phones can be used to communicate your cryonics arrangements in case of an emergency.

More accounts of Fred’s contributions to cryonics and Alcor should be forthcoming soon.